Flo Rida type dance beat with hook

Flo Rida ft David Guetta type beat (w/hook) “The Greatest”

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“THe Greatest w/hook” – Flo Rida type dance beat with hook

Flo Rida type dance beat with hook

Listen to our newest Dance Beat with hook titled “The Greatest”.
If you’d like to purchase this beat, you can do so from the player below.

This beat would be a great track for radio since the beat’s sound selection and overal feel are quite commercial.

The hook is written and performed by the talented Garrett Raff who is
one of the dopest Dance/Edm/Pop singers we know from the Reno area.

Pop Beats with hooks like this have shown to be real popular. However, that is no reason to worry. Instrumentals like this are coming soon. Let’s Make Hits!

-Fred Fisher

New Dance Beat with hook (prod. by Omnibeats)

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I would like to say more about dance, edm and similar type of musical style but perhaps that is something I’d better save for next time. If you guys have any suggestions for me, as for what to blog on, I would really appreciate it. Merely writing about beats and instrumentals is kinda tiring from time to time. In addition, Im very interested in getting a larger musical scope of genres. I definitely hope that you do to. Either way, Thank you for tuning in, Im out!

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