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Firstly, welcome to the official website of platinum production team! THE place to download instrumentals. Our goal is to provide rappers and singers with the best instrumental beats online. However, our international team of multi-platinum producers works hard to ensure that mission. 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Omnibeats really is the best place to buy instrumentals!

Also, at Omnibeats, we offer instrumental beats in all genres and styles. For instance, we produce rap, hip hop, trap, pop, dancehall, reggea rnb etc.
We are 100% equiped to handle all type genres. Our cross-genre industry placements are proof of this as we have produced big songs in all styles.

In addition, we also offer a wide choice of licenses. Hence, you can buy mp3 leases, wav trackouts, unlimited leases but also exclusive beats. Since we have work with an instant store, you order will automatically be processed and send to your email address. After buying the beats, you will be able to get right to work!

Finally, our productions are as modern as it gets. Therefore, we can guarantee production that could make you blow up and get a deal. We have produced beat instrumentals for songs on several Billboard charts. Really, we are very professional when it comes to instrumental music!

To conclude, thank you visiting and hope to hear from you soon!
-Fred Fisher

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