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Information about Leasing Instrumentals

We offer different leasing options. In this document everything regarding lease instrumentals is explained. For instance, it covers the amounts you can sell. In addition, it also explains how many commercial uses you may enjoy. Furthermore, it explains in what file format the delivery takes place.

Basically, there are 3 delivery formats. We offer mp3, wav, and separated wav downloads. A basic beat lease is delivered in mp3. However, wav trackouts and unlimited lease instrumentals are delivered in mp3, wav AND tracked out wav.

Obviously, the latter two are more expensive than the basic license. Yet, tracked out files often prove to be instrumental in making a higher quality song. Why? Because it allows more in-depth mixing as well as creating a more fitting arrangement to match the song’s vocals. That is why I always recommend to lease track out beats. Whether you are a rapper or a singer.

Lease Instrumentals for cheap

The beat player up above is Omnibeats’ main catalog. This contains or instrumentals that are regularly priced.

However, we also have cheap instrumentals for lease. These lease beats may fit your budget a bit better.

Finally, in case you have any questions about leasing beat instrumentals you can contact us. Feel free to do so. Whether it’s about an exclusive beat inquiry, apremium or unlimited lease or anything else. We’re here to help!

Why should you lease beats at

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First of all, we created with the vision to offer up and coming artists the most professional beats and instrumentals at fair prices. In order to achieve this, we put together a team of successful industry producers. Our multi gold- and platinum production team has sold over 3 million records last year alone. The beats that are posted up for sale are made by the same minds who produced certificated industry hit songs. As an artist, you want to be assure of the best beats and instrumentals you can get. We can guarantee you the quality that you need!

Secondly, given the experience and quality we supply, our prices are second to none. We are offering licenses for all budgets. Yes, you can buy beats online at different price levels. For instance, we offer basic lease beats and wav trackouts. However, you can purchase semi exclusive- and exclusive beats as well.

BoB lease instrumentalsConcluding, we believe that our prices, our service, and lastly, our experience are all terrific reasons for music artists to buy beats at our beat store. After all, there is no other music production outlet where you can find beats for sale that by producers that reached similar success in the music industry. Our quality, diversity and professionalism in these type beats is simply unequalled.

Finally, if you have a question regarding our business, our beats or anything else, then feel free CONTACT US. Obviously, we will be more than happy to help and assist you with your question or inquiry. Hope to hear from you soon and Let’s Make Hits! More beats for sale & buy beats online coming soon!

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