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Check out our song mixing/mastering credits. We get the job DONE!

Check out our Mastering Credits!

Mixing/Mastering Credits

Yes, getting songs mastered costs a bit. However, a master can make or break song. Paying for quality is always a good investment.

What sets us apart from our peers is that we have great credits. Not only production credits, but mixing and mastering credits as well.
Take a listen to some of the records we worked on. Hopefully, you will understand that our song mixing and mastering skills and credentials are worth it.

Teyana Taylor – Dreams

Bizzy Crook- No Hard Feelings

Mac Miller – Wear My Hat

Maino – Harder Than Them

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Online Song Mastering

Already finished mixing your song or instrumental but still feel like it’s missing something? Our online Mastering Service is the perfect secret weapon for those artists or producers trying to achieve that robust, “3D” sound. Our Mastering Service is a cost-efficient and effective approach that ensures artists with top-tier results.

A well executed mastering process can provide a significant difference to a track, creating a more exciting and engaging experience for the listener. Skillfully applied mastering can truly MAKE a song.

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