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Check out our song mixing credits. We get the job DONE!

Check out our Mixing Credits!

Mixing Credits

Yes, getting songs mixed is expensive. However, a mix can make or break song. Paying for professional audio mixing always is a good investment.

What sets us apart from our peers is that we have great credits. Not only production credits, but mixing credits as well.
Take a listen to some of the records we mixed. Hopefully, you will understand that our song mixing skills and credentials are worth it.

Teyana Taylor – Dreams

Bizzy Crook- No Hard Feelings

Mac Miller – Wear My Hat

Maino – Harder Than Them

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Online Song Mixing Service

Not sure how to properly mix songs? No problem, you’ve come to the right place! Our online mixing service is impeccable!

Whichever option best suits your mixing requirements, we can guarantee you’ll be getting your moneys worth by delivering incomparable quality.

That being said, the “FULL” song mixing option offers the most detailed and comprehensive mix available as a result of having control over each and every sound the composition exists of.

We’re not just an online music mixer service. We also have an ONLINE MASTERING SERVICE besides our songs mixing online.

Online Instrumental Mixing

Working on a beat or song but can’t seem to get that pristine mix on the instrumental? We offer professional mixing services to artists that want to take their sound to the next level. Whether it’s trap, hip-hop, pop or even vocals, we can guarantee premium quality mixes to help bring your tracks to life!.

Aside from the proof of our production catalog, some of the biggest stars in the rap and hip-hop industry (check the production credits) have confidently relied on our instrumental mixing expertise.

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