Royalty Free Beats

Here follows a selection of royalty free hip hop, trap and rap beats that you can use for non-profit videos.

Royalty Free Beats


“Trippy” is a floaty and atmospheric rap beat. It’s sound reminds of an artist like Wiz Khalifa or Juicy J.

Like what you hear? You can instantly download this instrumental for free by clicking the button below.


“Money Run”

“Money Run” is probably one of the best royalty free beats you will find online. It’s hard not too nod your head when this beat drops, believe me.

You will think the same. So don’t miss out and download this track for free right away.


“You Lames”

I produced this beat meant for it to be used by battle rappers. This royalty free rap beat would serve perfect as the backing track for a diss song.

However, it’ll sound beautiful as background music for your action driven Youtube video as well 🙂 .


“Way 2 Hi”

Yes, Way 2 High is exactly what you think it is. A lazy ass stoner rap beat in the style of Wiz or Asap Rocky.

Works great with stoner vids.
Yet, this is also great royalty free music for videos about relaxing, unwind and maybe travel.


“Non-Profit” use

The royalty free rap beats that you can find on this page are NOT sold or licensed to you upon downloading them. You may only use these beats for non-profit purposes. “Non-Profit” use allows LIMITED commercial use of the beats.

Non-profit use includes:

-Syncing to a (Youtube) vlog, gaming video, video reel or (suchlike purpose) with views less than 100k.
-Use as a backing instrumental track for a promotional mixtape rap or song.
Have a different yet fair suggestion? Then feel free to contact us.

Profit use

However, anything commercial usage that surpasses the set limits will be seen as profit use. This is NOT royalty free.

Nevertheless, it is possible to use these royalty free instrumentals for profitable use. You simply will have to buy a corresponding leasing license. It’s not expensive at all and if you’re making a profit Im sure you will recoup in no time.

To clarify: read what you can do with a leasing licences right here: LICENSE INFO DOCUMENT

royalty free beats

Multi-Platinum produced Fred “Omnibeats” Fisher