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Club beats for sale by Grammy nominated producers!

Club Beats

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All Club Banger Type Beats Produced By:


Freek van Workum

Top 3: Our Best Club Beats

“Ballin’ Out” | Tyga Type Club Beat

If you’re into rap club music you know a club banger when you hear one.
Well, here you go.
This instrumental will blow you out of their shoes.
Make sure to check out our other club rap tracks as well!

“Big Daddy” | Club Beat With Hook

Very catchy club beat with hook in the style of Lil Dicky or Tyga.

This is one of those club bass instrumentals that you just have to nod your head to.

This track has a great bounce and the most catchy hook.

Real hit potential!

“Drop” | Club Banger Type Beat Download

Tyga has been on a run recently.

His hit singles Swish, Taste and Dip went straight to the top of the Billboard charts.

“Drop” is a track that distantly remind of the beats he used for those songs.
If you really want to set the club on fire then this is a no brainer!

Club Banger Instrumentals – Honourable Mentions:

“Gold Chainz”


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Club Music We Produced

Artist: Wstrn
Title: In2

Artist: Tech N9ne ft 2Chainz
Title: “Hood Go Crazy”

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First of all, you can say it’s in our blood to make the best club beats.
We have produced a variety of prominent club songs and club bangers that have reached the top of the charts.
For instance, the multi-platinum record “In2” by London based trio Wstrn.
Also, “Hood Go Crazy” by Tech N9ne, BoB and 2 Chainz.
And you heard “Twerkin’ 4 Berkin” by Ester Dean and Juicy J? We did that too.
As of today, these three records have sold over 3 million copies worldwide!
Let’s Make Hits.

Buying Club Beats Online

Secondly, besides the industry experience our team has been selling club beats online for literally a decade.

We know what works commercially and have a great ear for what people want to hear.

We have the type of experience you can’t go wrong with.

Lastly, we also offer custom and exclusive club beats.

So just in case you don’t find the right club beats for you here, we can always make it for you.

Concluding, if you are in need of quality club beat instrumentals, you came to the right place, Omnibeats.com!Omnibeats.com -trap beats for sale - buy trap beatsclub instrumentalsbuy club beat instrumentalE40 Type BeatNicki Minaj Type Beatclub instrumental musicclub beat musicOmnibeats.com - club beats instrumental for sale online[/cs_content_seo]