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You can find our pop beats in the beatstore player below

Pop Beats

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All Pop Instrumentals Produced By:


Freek van Workum

Top 3: Our Best Pop Instrumental Beats

“Retros3x” | The Weeknd 80s type Pop Beat

First of all, I have to mention “Retross3x”.
This is a retro 80s pop instrumental with huge hit potential.
Don’t miss out on this The Weeknd style pop hit beat and purchase a download today!

“Can’t Stay” | Pop Guitar Type Beat

“Can’t Stay” is a killer pop beat instrumental with the catchiest guitar riff.
This Ed Sheeran pop type beat can be a real breakthrough hit for any pop music artist.

You can find similar type pop instrumentals in the player up top.

“Miami Nights” | Funky Bruno Mars Pop Type Beat)

Florida nights are fresh, lively and exciting.
Those are the exact characteristics a good retro/synthwave pop beat such as “Miami Nights” should have.
This beat is perfect if you like to sing or rap in the style of Bruno Mars or The Weeknd.


It is a fact that the most popular recording artists made songs to our beats.

Think of legends such as Juicy J, Ti, Doe B, Tech N9ne, 2 Chainz and more. We can say that the pop instrumentals for sale we offer of a superb quality.

In addition, another reason to shop with us are the hooks we provide for our pop productions.

Obviously, these hooks always are professionally mixed and mastered. Finally, at Omnibeats, we use the latest industry technology and software to make sure we deliver pristine vocals over vibrant pop instrumentals.
At the end of the day…you want to buy pop beats from true professionals.
Concluding, our production team carries a successful background in the online pop beat lease market.

With several thousand pop beat sales online under their belt, they go hard!

Furthermore, we produced pop beat instrumentals for many of today’s top tier artists. Actually, we are responsible for multiple gold, and even platinum selling records!

We believe in quality AND quantity when it comes to pop beats for sale so guarantee you we only feed you with a steady supply of today’s hottest!

Why Omnibeats?

First of all, please know that every beat instrumental on here is produced with the greatest care.

All pop beats we have released online have the most current sound because this particularly assists artists (rappers or singers) to fit right in with what’s hot today.

In addtion, we have sold popular beats to the music industries’ most known artists which is a great reason to shop with us.

Unlike many others, we know what we are doing!

Let’s Make Hits!Omnibeats.com - Pop BeatsOmnibeats Pop BeatsOmnibeats Pop Beat InstrumentalsImage[/cs_content_seo]