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Check the beatstore below for our available West Coast beat instrumentals for sale!

West Coast Beats

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All Omnibeats’ WestCoast Rap Instrumentals Are Produced By:


Freek van Workum

Top 3: The Best West Coast Beats You Need To Hear Today!

“Death Row” | West Coast Instrumental

“Death Row” is a heavy bass reliant West Coast hip hop beat in the style of YG.
This WestCoast type beat combines the best of the old (melodies + instruments) with the new (drums).

This is the perfect instrumental for hard street lyrics.

“Let Me Ride” | Nipsey Type WestCoast Beat

This is one of the best West Coast rap beats with bass you will hear online.
Aside the dope basslines it also has mesmerizing leads and hard hitting drums.
Yes, fans of G Funk will love “Let Me Ride” as it combines the best of old and new West Coastrap music.
If you like Nipsey’s music than you will love”Let Me Ride”.
You could hear this being played in LA streets all day!

“Drop” | Tyga West Coast Type Beat

“Drop” is a West Coast club beat with a Tyga type of sound.
A track that could do very well in Cali clubs and radio as well.

The vocal sample is very catchy and infectious.

People will love this WestCoast club instrumental from the moment they hear it.
Let’s make a hit!

West Coast Rap Music We Produced

Artist: Rac Rilla ft Tyga
Title: Cali Kush

The main ingredients for this WestCoast type instrumental are a catchy bassline, g funk lead and 808 hiphop drums.

Rac Rilla and Tyga loved the beat!

Artist: Kid Ink
Title: “Money And The Power”

The rap beat for “Money And The Power” is a bit untraditional for West  Coast music.

Nevertheless, the song became and anthem and did well on radio througout the US as well as parts of Europe.

Artist: Bobo Norco ft YG
Title: “Childish”

The beat for “Childish” is a typical YG type West Coast beat.

Just about as West Coast as it gets.

Artist: Tech N9ne ft 2Chainz
Title: “Hood Go Crazy”

In 2015, we produced “Hood Go Crazy” for Tech N9ne, 2 Chainz & BoB. 

This sounds more like a West Coast Bay Area type of beat. 

However, SF is still Westside to me!

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Buy West Coast Beat At Omnibeats.com

First of all, we are glad to have you.
On this page, you can find our top selection of West Coast beat instrumentals.
We have Tyga, YG and of course, Nipsey Hussle type beats as well.
In addition, all new instrumentals that have a touch of gfunk or general Westcoast in them will be posted here as well.
In case you like this genre a lot, make sure to check back often!


Now, a few words about the website.
We created Omnibeats.com with the vision to offer up and coming artists the most professional beats and instrumentals at fair prices.
In order to achieve this, we put together a team of successful industry producers.
Our multi gold- and platinum production team has sold over 5 million records last year alone.
The beats that are posted up for sale are made by the same minds who produced certificated industry hit songs.
As an artist, you want to be assure of the best beats and instrumentals you can get.
We can guarantee you the quality that you need!

Secondly, given the experience and quality we supply, our prices are second to none.
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Concluding, we believe that our prices, our service, and lastly, our experience are all terrific reasons for music artists to buy beats at our beat store.
After all, there is no other music production outlet where you can find West Coast beats for sale that by producers that reached similar success in the music industry.
Our quality, diversity and professionalism in these type beats is simply unequalled.
Finally, if you have a question regarding our business, our beats or anything else, then feel free CONTACT US.
Obviously, we will be more than happy to help and assist you with your question or inquiry.
Now, get ready to buy some West Coast Beat Instrumentals.

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