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Top 3: best reggae beats

“Fiya” – Nicki Minaj Type Reggae Beat

Fiya is a reggae rap beat in the style of Nicki Minaj. However, almost every skilled rapper can be heard on this monster of a track. Dont miss out on this one!

“Motion” – Rihanna Type Reggae Beat

Motion is one of the dopest regea beats you will find online. Though it stays through to the original sound it still has a very modern pop/trap sound to it.

“Live & Let Die” – Damian Marley Type Beat

Probably our most classic of the regea beats and a personal favorite at the same. Love the vibe and swing on this reggae instrumental.

About our Reggae Beats

Reggae is a genre that thruly speaks to the heart. I love making reggae beats & instrumentals. However, I almost always incorporate modern elements so that the beats can be used for songs that would fall on good ears anno 2017.

Right now, we don’t have that many reggea beats for sale. However, the tracks we do offer are of great quality. More is soon to come!

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Reggae songs produced by Omnibeats

Sizzla – Dont Wanna C M Crying

Sizzla’s I Dont Wanna See M Crying was one of the first placements I had in music. I produced this for non-profit but it turned out a great song by one of today’s most celebrated reggea music artists.

Sizzla – Read Ya Bible

Another reggae song by Sizzla singing over a crossover rap/hiphop production. Probably my personal favorite out of all reggae music I produced. Ill be adding more songs soon!

Orlando Octave – So It Ago

So It Ago” by Orlando Octave remixes the Read Yur Bible reggae instrumental I produced into a more commercial song. Less lyrical but a great listen!