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Our Beats and Instrumentals: Who Produce Them?

Meet our hitmakers!

Who Makes Your Instrumentals? - Freek van Workum

Mr Freek Van Workum is a multi-platinum producer & is one half of the talented writer/producer team, N4. He specializes in Hip Hop and Rap Beats. His production and writer credits include “Hood Go Crazy” (Tech N9ne), “Money And The Power” (Kid Ink), “In2” (WSTRN) (which charted higher than Adele’s “Hello” in the UK for several consecutive weeks and viral songs “Booty Had Me Like” and “What Are Those” by Round2Crew. Misc credits include BoB, Young Dro, TI, Doe B, Chinx,Sage The Gemini, Sizzla, and many, more.

Who Makes Your Instrumentals? - ItsNicklus

Nick Luscombe, who goes by producer name “xXx Productionz“, grew up in a small town in St John’s, Newfoundland. He started producing around the age of 20, taking interest in west coast/g funk production that expanded mostly in general Rap Beats and Trap Instrumentals. It wasn’t until several years ago when he met Freek that Nicklus started taking music seriously. The two producers began working very well together, forming the industry duo known as “N4” and taking their beats to the next level. The team eventually began getting their tracks placed with major artists such as Kid Ink, Ester Dean, BoB and Tech N9ne and have continued making hits ever since!

Omnibeats’ producers have proven themselves in the music industry numerous times and take their musical craft seriously. Buy beats now and Let’s Make Hits!

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First of all, we created with the vision to offer up and coming artists the most professional beats and instrumentals at fair prices. In order to achieve this, we put together a team of successful industry producers. Our multi gold- and platinum production team has sold over 3 million records last year alone. Our trap, rap and hip hop beats for sale are made by the same minds who produced certificated industry hit songs. As an artist, you want to be assure of the best beats and instrumentals you can get. Surely, we can provide you with the quality that you need!

Secondly, given the experience and quality we supply, our prices are very affordable. Our hiphop, trap and rap beat instrumentals are available to all budgets. So no, it doesn’t matter what budget you are working with to lease beats. For instance, we offer basic lease beats and wav trackouts. However, if you have more to spend, you can purchase semi exclusive- and exclusive beats too.

Concluding, we believe that our prices, our service, and lastly, our experience are all terrific reasons for musical artists to buy beats and lease beats at After all, there is no other music production outlet where you can find instrumentals for sale by platinum producers. Not for thee prices anyway. Our quality, diversity and professionalism simply is unequalled as well!

Finally, if you have a question regarding our business, our trap rap beats or anything else, then feel free CONTACT US. Obviously, we will be more than happy to help and assist you with your question or inquiry. More beats for sale are uploaded weekly so you can hear and buy new beats constantly! Anyway, hope to hear from you soon and Let’s Make Hits!

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