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Omnibeats’ music producers have gone 4 x gold & 1 x platinum over the course of 2016. However, we won’t stop there. We want YOU to reach the same level of success with our beats for sale. Afterall, it’s not for nothing that our slogan reads Let’s make hits!

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First of all, we created Omnibeats.com with the vision to offer up and coming artists the most professional beats and instrumentals at fair prices. In order to complete this ideal, we put together a team of successful industry producers. Our multi gold and platinum production team has sold over 2 million records last year alone. The beats that are posted up for sale are made by the same minds who produced certificated industry hit songs. Not on mixtapes, but on actual studio albums. As a rapper or singer, you can be sure we’re offering no less than pure quality beats & instrumentals.

Secondly, we have other principals as well. For instance, we think that no one should be left behind based on their financial empowerment. This means we stand for equity next to equality. Therefore, we are offering licenses for all budgets. Yes, you can buy beats at different price levels. For instance, we offer basic lease beats and wav trackouts. However, you can purchase semi exclusive- and exclusive beats as well. For those with little to spend, we even have FREE BEATS!

By having a wide variety of licenses and beats for sale, we know that we will serve the widest audience of artists possible. We also pride ourselves that people who can’t afford to spend on beats can download a free beat. This is very important to us and we think it’s one of our key competencies in the business of selling beats.


Concluding, we believe that our prices, our service, and lastly, our experience are all terrific reasons for music artists to buy beats at our beat store. After all, there is no other music production outlet where you can rap buy beats online that has the industry credits that we at Omnibeats have. Our quality, diversity and professionalism is simply unequalled.

Finally, if you have a question regarding our business, our beats or anything else, then feel free CONTACT US. Obviously, we will be more than happy to help and assist you with your question or inquiry.
Hope to talk soon and Let’s Make Hits!