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Skill Over 10 years experience producing for top major label artists as well as selling beats online.

Passion Every beat we make comes from a place of enthusiasm and love for what we do. Our work is a reflection of that.

Process We make sure we're at the frontline of what's hot. For instance, we constantly find ways to innovate and add our own touch.

Results You buy beats from 5x Platinum and Grammy nominated producers. In addition, our producers beats for sale online have reached thousands of artists over the world.


We produced r&b beat instrumentals & rnb beats with hooks for some of the biggest names and labels in r&b music.
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Omnibeats' producers have produced for r&b artists such as Wstrn, Kehlani & Mila J. R&b type beats is one of our specialties!

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We offer different styles of rnb. Smooth, sexy, slow, upbeat as well as sad and energetic type moods.

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