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Top 3 r&b beats for sale

This beat is an undeniable rnb hit in the style of Chris Brown or Miguel. Funky and soulish melodies mixed with very simple yet catchy drum work make this rnb beat a wonderful to listen to. Surely, one of the catchiest r&b beats for sale on the website!

I Choose You
If you need a rnb slow jam with organic instrumentation then
this is probably a great fit for you. R&b heavyweight artists like Trey Songz, R Kelly and Usher record to beats like this all the time. Buy this rnb beat and make a hit!

For a while it looked as if Trey Songz was gonna use this rnb instrumental for a release of his on Atlantic Records. That didn’t happen so now the beat is posted online for you artists to write a hit to! One of those real hitmaker R & b instrumental beats!

Free r&b beats

This is the free beat section for the rnb genre. However, that does not mean you may use these r&b beats for profit.
For any commercial type of use,, please purchase a lease from our Beat Store.
For non-profit use, see the free Download Links below.
Ps, more r&b beat instrumentals are coming soon!

Free Chris Brown type beat. Find the download link for this free beat below the video.


About our r&b instrumentals

Welcome to our R&b page where you can buy r&b beats.
Although it’s not even our strongest genre, we feel that it is important to have a strong selection of rnb beats and r&b instrumentals because a lot of people love these beats.
Despite the fact it’s not our core competence we still have hugeachievements in the rnb field. First of all, think of records like “In2” by Wstrn which we produced on. Another one that comes to mind is “So What” by Mila J and BoB. All rnb beats Omnibeats produced that turned into big records.
In conclusion, we have done our part in the industry which means that you can feel at ease shopping with us for r&b beats for sale.

Last but not lease, if you like to checkout our playlist of youtube r&b beats, you can do so here: