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How much for exclusive rights?

Prices for independent artists start at $750 but depends on the beat. Contact us with an inquiry/offer here.

How many streams am I allowed with a lease?

It depends on the license. For more specific information about leasing beats with us please see our licensing information page.

Do you make custom beats?

Yes, we do. To submit an inquiry please contact us.

I can't find the beat that I wanted to purchase. What happened?

If the beat is no longer in the beatstore it has either been sold exclusively or made unavailable for other reasons. Sorry!

Can you give me the contact information of the person that bought the exclusive rights?

We value privacy greatly so sharing any type of personal information is out of the question.

How do I retrieve the files after purchase?

After purchase, an email will be send instantly to the email address provided.

Can I get a discount?

If you’re planning to buy in bulk let us know aforehand and we’ll work with you on a sharp price!

If I buy exclusive rights will you take the beat down?


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