Can I get a discount?

Yes, we give discounts when you purchase multiple beats. Please contact us and we’ll get you the best deal possible.

Will you remove the TAG if I lease a beat?

Yes. Of course. After your purchase we will send the untagged beat(s) to your email address.

Can if use your beats for free?

You can use tagged beats but only if you credit us exactly as follows: “music produced by”.

How can I sort genres?

You can filter genres by clicking the beat player’s MENU tab and then “genres”.

Can you teach me how to make beats?

Although I might start doing “How to” beat videos in the near future, for now the answer is “no”.
However, if you have a simple question feel free to email me. Ill answer.

What major songs did you produce?

Omnibeats consits of multi-platinum producers Nick Luscombe and Freek van Workum.
For an exact list of songs we produced you can check out our Production Credits