How to become a music producer

Tips and advise from Multi-Platinum music producer Omnibeats

How To Become A Music Producer

On this page you can find tips and information on how to become music producer online.

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Music production 101: First Things First

First of all, you should learn one of the leading DAWs inside out!

Perhaps you like Logic or Pro Tools. However, I have always used Cubase and Fruity Loops foremostly. Just be sure to get a professional program. For instance, I personally would not use music maker.

Music production equipment isn’t that important anymore. You likely want to get software instead.
So I advise to get your digital weapon of choice and start practicing! ALOT!

My Journey: how I did it.

Let’s briefly discuss how I got my start in music production online. Keep in mind that “all roads lead to Rome”. I imagine there are countless ways to become a succesful music producer. Maybe there are ways that are far more efficient than mine.

Anyway, here we go. I started playing the guitar in my early teens. However, when I was 18, I made a musical transition. From “just” playing guitar to took on music production.

This world of music production was completely new to me and I had no clue where to start. Nevertheless, I just started and began where everyone would: at the bottom.

What did I do? The first year or two I just practised. The online game wasn’t as big as it is today so I just learned my DAW inside out.

Moving forward, around 2008, I joined websites such as Rocbattle and Soundclick. I was leasing and selling exclusives on these sites.

Nevertheless, membership wasn’t enough. I quickly figured that displaying my work wasn’t gonna cut it. I need to draw in potential clientele. Yes, buyers!

Back then, Myspace was the go-to platform to get traffic to your online music stores.

Yes, Myspace isn’t what it used to be. However, I suppose that any social media marketing will suffice. Arguably, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are more powerful tools than Myspace ever was.

Anyway, these Myspace fans turned into customers and I started growing a very healthy clientele which I maintain to this very day.

In conclusion, that’s how I became the online record producer Im am today.

“My Journey” translated into 3 easy steps:

  • #1: Make high quality music

    First of all, your music has to be good enough. Simple. Otherwise people will buy from the next guy.

  • #2: Build a fanbase

    Secondly, Use social media to promote and grow your brand. Send them straight to your beat-selling website. I recomment FB, IG, Twitter but mostly Youtube. No, it will not be easy. Nevertheless, patience and persistence will be rewarded!

  • #3: Monitor growth & reap benefits

    With, I started with a music producer salary $500 a month just by uploading Youtube videos. All traffic came from my Youtube channel. When you have good music and fans you WILL see sales.

Concluding, I think that this could be the best way on “how to become a Succesfull Online Music Producer”. At least, it’s what worked for me. - how to become a music producer