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“Country Luv” (country rap type beat)

Country rap is back like it never left! Although Post Malone has kept the genre alive, Lil Nas X definitely brought it to new highs. These rappers were definitely an influence for “Country Luv“. However, this smooth rap instrumental includes some nice Ty Dolla Sign type rnb touches as well. Yeehaw!


“Drop” (club rap beat)

Tyga might have had the biggest comeback in rap history. His catchy club bangers took over the charts and clubs and his choice of rap club beats were his greatest asset. “Drop” is a rap club beat instrumental with a sound similar to megahits such as “Taste” and “Dip”.


Let Me Ride (West Coast rap beat)

“Let Me Ride” is a Westcoast rap beat in the style of the late superstar Nipsey Hussle. This track has everything that you expect from a West Coast rap instrumental banger. Hard drums, thumping bass and great melodies!



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Omnibeats producer Freek van Workum

Rap Songs (prod. by Omnibeats producers Freek van Workum & ItsNicklus)

Artist: Tech N9ne ft King Iso
Title: Disparagement

Artist: 21 Savage
Title: "Pad Lock"

Artist: 21 Savage
Title: "Gun Smoke"

Artist: Kid Ink
Title: Money and the Power

Artist: Bobo Norco ft YG 
Title: Childish