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Check the beatstore below for the best rap beats for sale!

Rap Beats

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All Rap Instrumental Beats Are Produced By:


Freek van Workum

Top 3: Our Best Rap Beats

“Blue Flaggin” | Nipsey Hussle Type Rap Beat

Download Demo Version

“Blue Flaggin” is a Westcoast rap beat in the style of the late superstar Nipsey Hussle.
This track has everything that you expect from a Nipsey Hussle type rap beat.
Hard drums, thumping bass and great melodies!

“Drop” | Club Rap Beat Instrumental

Download Demo Version

Tyga might have had the biggest comeback in rap history.
His catchy club bangers took over the charts.
He sure knows how to pick the right beats to rap to.
“Drop” is a rap club beat instrumental with a sound similar to megahits such as “Taste” and “Dip”.

“Country Luv” | Country Rap Instrumental

Download Demo Version

Country rap is back like it never left!
Although Post Malone has kept the genre alive, Lil Nas X definitely raised the bar.
These rappers were definitely an influence for “Country Luv”.
However, this smooth rap instrumental includes some nice Ty Dolla Sign type rnb touches as well.


If you plan to buy more than two of our rap instrumental beats we will give you a discount.
How much?

That depends on the quantity and license (basic, wav trackout or unlimited lease).

Send us an email before you purchase the rap hiphop instrumentals and you may get a great deal on them!

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