Drake type rap beat instrumental 2018

Drake Type Rap Beat Instrumental 2018 “Capo” | Omnibeats.com

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NEW: Drake Type Rap Beat Instrumental 2018

Drake Type Rap Beat Instrumental 2018

First of all, welcome to Omnibeats.com!

“CAPO” is the latest addition to our Drake type beats. As all of our rap beats in this style, it has a modern sound selection and hard knocking hiphop/rap drums.

Secondly, more rap- and Drake type beats are available. Some are available for free download as well. You can find them in the sidebar on the right side. Enjoy!

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Lastly, you can buy “Capo” without tags in the store widget below:


Will you remove the TAG if I lease a beat?

Yes. Of course. After your purchase we will send the untagged beat(s) to your email address.

Can if use your type beats for free?

You can use tagged beats but only if you credit us exactly as follows: “music produced by https://omnibeats.com”.

Can I get a discount?

Yes, we give discounts when you purchase multiple beats. Please contact us and we’ll get you the best deal possible.

Leasing options: What’s the difference?

It’s all explained here: Drake Type Rap Beat Instrumental 2018

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