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Free Drake type beat download 2019

Check this new hiphop beat “You Lames. A Drizzy style instrumental you can download for free!


Firstly, let me explain what type beat this is. “You Lames” is a Freestyle Drake type beat.This is a track that has potential to be used to diss Meek Mill with. Expect grimey pianos, deep bass & hard drums. Also, a modern arrangement with a chorus that breaks down rather than it builds up. If you want to freestyle over a dope ass rap beat this free Drake type beat is for you!

Secondly, we will upload more free beats (and also new Drake type beats) shortly. If you want to hear something else, you can make an inquiry or suggestion by using the “CONTACT” tab on top. In the end, we are here you produce what is to your liking!

Thank you for reading this new blog post & I hope to see you soon!


Will you remove the TAG if I lease a beat?

Yes. Of course. After your purchase we will send the untagged beat(s) to your email address.

Can if use your type beats for free?

You can use tagged beats but only if you credit us exactly as follows: “music produced by”.


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