Free Wiz Khalifa type beat “Trippy”

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Listen to one of the most fire (and free) Wiz Khalifa type beats.
Download link for this free beat below!

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for free!

Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa would murda a beat like this. The instrumental has a chill-out trippy sound with knocking drums behind it. Best of both worlds!

We are on a roll with the Free Beats. Most certainly, more free Wiz Khalifa type beats are coming soon! Adding several today from now on. Therefore, make sure to keep checking back. It’s not everyday you get to download free beats by 4 x Gold & plat producers.

The next upload, will be a free juicy j type beat, But for the moment, enjoy this free Wiz Khalia type beat! Furthermore, more rap and hiphop instrumentals free for download are on our agenda as well so it’s probably a good idea to bookmark Omnibeats!

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