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Top 3: Best Hip Hop Beats

Hope Dies Last (Dreamy Hip Hop Beat)

This G Eazy type hip hop beat has a bit of a melancholic vibe. However, it’s hard knocking drums ensure that you don’t get lost in the sauce.
Generally, this beat is very easy on the ears so it’s perfect to serve a wide audience.

Wishing (Guitar Hip Hip Beat)

Secondly, I wanna mention “Wishing”. This is a rap/hiphop guitar instrumental in the style of Yelawolf or Eminem. There’s just so much emotion in this track. Im convinced this can be a hugely succesful hip hop single.

You Lames (Freestyle HipHop Beat)

Lastly, a fire freestyle hip hop beat called “You Lame”. These is something many rappers could hop on. For instance, think of Drake or Meek Mill. Did you know you can download this hip hop beat free for non-profit? Find out more about that over here.

Hip Hop Beats for Sale: Info

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Hip Hop Production Credits

Let’s face it, if Kid Ink, Juicy J, Tech N9ne etc buy hip hop beats from us, why wouldn’t you?

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