How to get placements

How to get placements

Advice and tips on how to get placements for your music

How to get placements for beats as a producer

First of all, music placements come in many shapes and forms. As a producers, the three most common forms are: movie, tv show (syncs) and artist placements. The business of music is big and songs as well as beats and instrumentals are placed every day. Having said that, let's go over some tips on how to get more of your tracks with these outlets.

Syncs: tv and movie placements

Omnibeats' producers ItsNicklus & Freek van Workum have hundreds of placements in popular reality tv shows. Needless to say, we have a pretty clear understanding of how this stuff works.

There are many success stories in music licensing. Nevertheless, hardly any of these are identical. I say that to say this: there are several ways to get your instrumentals and beats placed with tv shows. For example:

1) Music supervisors
These are the people that select the music for tv and movies.  Use Google. Also, contact information is often available on LinkedIn as well as IMDB. Connections can be hard to make but if you succeed you'll have a plug!
2) Find a music publisher
There are many music publishers specialized in tv show syncs. Many are always looking for new talent. For instance, The Orange Music Company even encourages producers to submit music.
Anyway, we suggest to look up a few and build a relationship with the most capable. Google is your friend!
3) Licensing websites
We realized our first placements in tv through Modernbeats. Submit the right music and Modernbeats will connect you with a publisher or music supervisor. This website is legit!

how to get placements with beats

How do you get beats placed with major recording artists?

Getting instrumentals placed with major artists is a whole different ballgame than tv and movie licensing. It's hard work. Nevertheless, Rome was not built in a day and it could be very beneficial for your music carreer to work towards these goals.

1. Be there. There is no substition for this one. Having sessions with artists is the best way to have them use the music. It develops a bond that's deeper than music. Remember, nobody starts at the top so work with whoever you can.

2. Contact top producers. Everyone wants to score the next hit, established producers included. If you catch their attention and the music makes sense as well, they'll want to work!

3. Put material online other producers can use. This is how Frank Dukes got on. This is how Taz Taylor got on Drake's Scorpion album. So make sample packs for other producers to use,  put them online and promote. You never know where your work may end up on.

4) Contact A&Rs. Furthermore, it's a good idea to get in touch with label a&rs. These people get paid to scout for hot new music. You can can find many on Instagram and Twitter. For instance, SJ Manager or Jeff Vaughn are good examples. Lastly, don't forget to research who they work with. You don't want to send trap beats to Taylor Swift!

5) Network in real life: visit hotspots. Lastly, visit hotspots.Iin 2014, we were in Atlanta having a session at Darp studio and ended up playing beats to Travis Scott. Metro Boomin was there. TM88 was there. Young Dro was there. Found out about the hotspots in your city or travel!

studiosessions can lead to placements

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