cardi b type beat - reposado

Reposado – Cardi B type beat instrumental 2019

[cs_content][cs_element_section _id=”1″ ][cs_element_row _id=”2″ ][cs_element_column _id=”3″ ][cs_text]Cardi B type beat x Young Thug “Reposado”[/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h1″ looks_like=”h2″ accent=”false” class=”cs-ta-center”]Reposado – Cardi B type beat 2019[/x_custom_headline][cs_text class=”cs-ta-center” style=”color: black;”]I gotta say this is one of my personal favorites. Actually, it might be the best Cardi B x Young Thug type beat I ever made. Reposado sounds like a track Thugga sings on with Camilla Cabello. Yes, it distantly reminds of their megahit Havana a bit. However, this this sounds like a Cardi B type instrumental as well. Listen to it in the player below.



Expect similar Spanish type instrumentals soon. In addition, we are working on new Cardi B type tracks as well. We know you like them so we gotta have them 🙂

Lastly, feel free to download the demo version of this beat. You can always come back to lease this hit![/cs_text][cs_element_button _id=”7″ ][cs_element_gap _id=”8″ ][cs_element_button _id=”9″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”10″ ][cs_element_text _id=”11″ ][x_image type=”none” src=”” alt=”Cardi B type beat download” link=”false” href=”#” title=”” target=”” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” info_content=””][cs_element_text _id=”13″ ][/cs_element_column][/cs_element_row][/cs_element_section][/cs_content]

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