Top 3: Drake type beats

Top 3: best Drake instrumentals & Drake beats

Omnibeats - Top 3 Drake Instrumentals & Drake Beats

Multi-Platinum producer Fred Fisher – Omnibeats

The Best Drake Instrumentals

Drake, the best “new” rapper to do it. As a music producer myself, Im genuinely interested by his instrumentals and production. So I compiled a top 3 of the best Drake Beats. Check out my selection below.


Back 2 Back

First of all, I say Back To Back. This beat has to make everyones’ top Drake instrumentals. This freestyle rap beat is a must have for any rapper. Even if it’s just for practicing purposes.
We have a free beat with a similar sound called “You Lames“.

Lord Knows

Secondly, I picked the hardest soulful hip hop instrumental Drake ever rapped over: Lord Knows. This thruly is the hardest soulful Drake instrumental he has ever put out. Produced by the legendary Just Blaze.

Used To It

Lastly, a newer Drake beat called Used To It. Why? Few reasons. For example, this has the most modern production out of any of Drake instrumentals. In addition, it’s a very versatile beat production. As Future and Drake demonstrate, you can easily sing as well as rap to this trap banger!

At Omnibeats, we have quite a few tracks that sound like they could be Drake Instrumentals. You can stream them here or from the Beat Store below.

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