Free YG type beat “Why”

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Free Yg type beat for Download.

Check out this free westcoast banger yg type beat:

Welcome to . Feel free to download the free yg type beat from the link above. That’s what it’s for!

Obviously, most beats that are free for non profit use are not as fire as this Free Rap Beat. If you want to hear all our free beats, I suggest you check out the Omnibeats free beat Youtube Channel playlist.

Furthermore,. Omnibeats has some of the best rap instrumental catalogs online of which this free yg type beat is definitely an example. However, if you need a specific sound that you cant find here I suggest you check outRAP BEATS FROM FVW.
He is one of my favorite producers online and may even have some free beats for you as well.

Finally, more free yg type beats are coming up. Just finishing up some other tracks first. In the meantime, perhaps you could listen to some other beats on the website. There is plenty of fire to be found on here! Thanks for fkn with Omnibeats!


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  1. I murdered this beat…thanks a lot…tho I wish u would post more eminem type beats free

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